Always Evolving

New Facility


We are over capacity, we need to expand to proved ample needs for the current residents as well as create a designated critical and hospice ward.. The new facility will provide a safe and stimulating educational tool for students, flight area and a classroom for education.

Ever seen a parrot smile? 

Funding for Current Fids


(Fids= Feathered Kids)

Ever tried to eat healthy? how about on a large scale???

Parrots actually require a higher level of nutritional and medical care. 

Medications and fresh foods are expensive. If everyone gave a little... we can do a lot! We always need help!

Public Awareness


Working on campaigns: visiting schools, working on a facility that we can provide education....

Public awareness is our number one priority as we care about each and every bird. 

Are you on social media? Share the great stories!

Matching Grants


Talented grant writer? willing to provide your skills in exchange for walnuts? we can help!

Updating the current facility


While the better facility is in our future, we need some temporary upgrades now! learn what we need and why



Bird are complicated, they require a lot of advanced knowledge. Here we display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. Try one of our informational 'So you want a parrot' classes!